Thursday, June 9, 2011

Super Typers

When third and fourth grade students come to computers, they practice keyboarding for 15 minutes with the program Type to Learn. Each year I keep track of how many lessons they finish. This year's scores are the best ever! This graph shows the average lesson finished for each grade each year. Before 2008, students had 50 minutes of computers each week. In 2008, it was reduced to 40 minutes. Since then, they have had 60 minutes each week! That extra time with each class means we can spend more time practicing typing, among other things, and is why I believe the scores have increased. Why the dip in 2010 for fourth grade? They were in second grade the year I only had 40 minute classes. Second grade is when we talk about and really learn the different keystrokes. Congratulations to this year's third and fourth grade students. You worked hard and that will really pay off!

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