Thursday, August 19, 2010

Google Calendar

Teachers, have you tried the calendar link at the top of your email webpage? I have tried to organize my life through a few calendars on different computers. The problem was I couldn't access them at home and at school. Since we switched to our Gmail based school email I have been using the calendar and actually sticking with it! I can check it on any computer that has an Internet connection, and it is only an additional click after checking my email.

You can set up different calendars within the calendar so there can be one color for school things, one for family, and another for personal. The task list has worked well for me and, well, kept me on task. There are buttons to change the view from day to week to month, and in Calendar setting you can change the Default view to what you prefer. You can even set a Custom view. Here I chose 4 weeks.

Try it if you get the chance before the craziness of school starts. I like to right click the Calendar link and have it open in another tab, that way my mail and calendar are accessible in the same window.


  1. What a great set-up...really time-saving and accessible.

  2. HI Dana,
    I tried out the calendar and I really like it. I need some help with colorcoding. You may know that I color code my planner with highlighters. If i can get this going I may not need it anymore! thanks for the idea! Dawn

  3. I just found your blog! I also just started using Google Calendar. I love it!