Monday, August 23, 2010

Go Stargazing

With the sun setting earlier and school not yet begun, it is the perfect time for the app Star Walk. With newer devices, you just hold it up and the app tells you what you are looking at: stars, planets, compass direction, and even constellations. You can still use it with older devices, too, just take a compass out with you. For a good part of the summer, I thought that bright planet after sunset was Venus. Thanks to Star Walk I discovered it was Saturn! So often we use technology inside by ourselves. I love it when I find something that can be shared outside.


  1. Miss Frank:
    This app looks to be just the ticket for someone like me who walks a lot at night with my dog. I checked it out along with all the reviews for the iPad at Being a MAC user does have its advantages. What's a PC girl to do?!
    Xena's Mom

  2. Hi Miss Frank! You know I am all about new apps for my phone! The kids will love this one. We would always snowshoe at night and Jackson would ask me about the different stars. Now I won't have to just make something up!! Love the blog too. Nice work! Great for me as a teacher and a parent.