Monday, August 30, 2010

Have a SMART Open House!

For last year's open house our SMARTboards were up, but unfortunately not running. I thought I would list a few ideas for teachers if they want to show theirs off. Many parents haven't yet seen the boards in action.
  • Have each student's name typed in a text box in Notebook. They could move it from a "Not Here Yet" list to an "I Was Here" side of the board (I am borrowing this idea from Mrs. McLean. Thanks!)
  • Use a Jeopardy template or some other quiz set up. Have questions about your class and when someone taps it, the answer reveals.
  • Have an interactive web site up to try. Some ideas might be Starfall for lower elementary or Magnetic Poetry for upper elementary.
  • If you already have a slideshow with rules, expectations, pictures, specials schedule, etc. set it up to go automatically.
  • If you don't have time for much, just open your Notebook software. Let everyone sign in and maybe try the different tools.
Remember, the "pens" only work one at a time. If you think there may be a lot of younger siblings visiting your room, you may want to remove all but one pen. Just put a sticky note over the sensors for the other colors. The board will show whichever color is uncovered.

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