Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Year, Newsletter

For those parents who couldn't make it to open house, here is a copy of my newsletter:

Computer Newsletter-Fall 2010
Miss Dana Frank

I am your child’s computer teacher. This is my thirteenth year teaching computers at Charlevoix Elementary. I have a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and a master’s degree from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids. I grew up in Petoskey and graduated from Petoskey High School. Skiing is my favorite sport and I have been a ski instructor at Nub's Nob for 23 winters. This is what we will be doing this fall in computers:

One day each week kindergarteners will come to the computer lab. We will start the year getting used to computers, the lab, and using the mouse. Soon students will be learning to open and close things on the computer and how to log in and out of the network. Each lesson will center on a letter of the alphabet and our computer “Word of the Week.” Later in the fall we will begin drawing.

First Grade
This is an important year in the computer lab. Students will start typing on the keyboard! This fall we will practice using both hands when typing, one on each side of the keyboard. Of course, we are still going to be using the paint program from last year, Kid Pix, and reinforcing the classroom curriculum with educational software.

Second Grade
In second grade computers we will be expanding our use of applications that were introduced last year, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. Students will also be introduced to the Internet through the use of our school web page. We will be reinforcing their classroom curriculum with applications, games, and the Internet.

Third Grade
At the beginning of third grade the emphasis is on the Internet and how to use it safely. Students will learn how to navigate with hyperlinks, search engines, and the address bar. Later in the fall, we will gather Michigan facts from the Internet and put them together in a slide show.

Fourth Grade
Fourth grade students will complete a major project later in the year: a web page of their own. Much of what we do at the beginning of the year will be practice for this project. This will include word processing, research, and creating images. This fall students will also be introduced to spreadsheets and email.

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  1. Love the new look for your blog; its so cheerful and eye-catching without distracting from your content. Way to go Miss Frank!