Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Newsletter

If you didn't make it in for conferences, here is my Spring Newsletter:

Thanks for stopping by the Charlevoix Elementary School computer lab. Many grades have just finished up some exciting projects and there are more fun things planned for the rest of the year. Read below to find out more.

Students continue to learn more and more of the drawing and painting program Kid Pix. You should continue to see some great artwork coming home. Students will also be using the reading program Bailey’s Book House to practice their language arts skills.

First Grade
If you have access to the Internet at home, check out the Goodnight Moon slide shows on the Student Projects page at The first graders did a great job. Upcoming activities include drawing a computer, playing a math game, and integrating text and graphics in Microsoft Word.

Second Grade
The students have now learned how to type each letter from the home row position. They will continue to practice touch typing using the program Type to Learn, Jr. After spring break, second grade students are going to write, type, proofread, and format a technology-themed paragraph.

Third Grade
Students just got to digitally manipulate their school picture. You can see some examples on the bulletin board in the lab. After break students will be writing paragraphs that will be posted online. People from anywhere in the world will be able to read and comment on the paragraphs. There will be a link on the Student Projects webpage to check them out.

Fourth Grade
Whew! After six weeks of work, we just finished the fourth grade web pages. They turned out great! Each student wrote and illustrated a page telling about a state. You can check them out on the Student Projects webpage, also. Upcoming projects include creating a game board and practicing math with the Internet.

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